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The Edmon

Drinks for Two

The Edmon, the new hip kid on the block, sits next door to its elder – the Hollywood Historic Hotel.

The hotel opened in 1927 and was designed by S. Charles Lee, an architect who also made himself famous with creating over 400 film theaters throughout California in the 30’s and 40’s – including the Los Angeles Theater, a true gem of the city and considered “the finest theater building” in the city.

The Hollywood Historic Hotel catered to many of the stars from nearby Paramount Studios during the silent film era. In the 1970’s it transferred ownership to Edmon Simonian, and in 1992 was listed as a National Landmark.

Though The Edmon has a lot to live up to in location and name, we believe its up for the challenge – and the lighting will be perfect.

The element that truly steals the show at the bar and restaurant is the lights: how they’re lit (soft and glowing), how they’re displayed (gorgeous Art Deco inspired pieces), and most of all, how it focuses the bar like a chandelier. You’re absolutely drawn to it when you walk through the Edmon’s impressive entrance door. You’ll let out a quiet gasp even before you enter.

The dining room is intimate and small, but considering the impeccable dessert special that night – a bread pudding that just singed- the rest of the menu should be visited, especially as a party of two to better enjoy the romantic hues.

However, the bar is hard to pass up. If only to stare at the height of all the Edmon’s spirits. It honors the Old Hollywood asethetics that we know and admire during Los Angeles’ heyday. The 1920’s may be gone, but not forgotten.

We’ll toast to that.

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